June 2019

04 June 2019 (Tue 7pm)


Put some new strings on my guitar and found myself singing one of my favourite Cat Stevens Yusuf / Cat Stevens songs today, I don’t do it justice, but it is heavenly ✨

04 June 2019 (Tue 1pm)


The weather’s gone tits up so here’s a flashback to a beautiful weekend in St Leonards-On-Sea New acoustic video/track with that special guest (a couple actually) coming Friday morning, eyes peeled! ✨☀️

03 June 2019 (Mon 8pm)


Did Lil NasX intentionally use the chords of Old Man by Neil Young for Old Town Road?! If so, that’s genius ❤️

02 June 2019 (Sun 4pm)


‪Happy birthday to the main man Mr Tim Rice-Oxley without whom, ‘What Did You Want To Be?’ would never have existed! Thanks Tim! We love ya! ❤️ These great photos were taken a year ago by Mark Tipping at The Louisiana in Bristol with @mt. desolation ❤️ Great memories ‬

01 June 2019 (Sat 1pm)


YES new RockOptika sunnies YES St Leonard’s in the sun! YES House party today!! Have a great weekend folks ⚡️

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