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TBT! This was the first bit of telly we had ever done as Tom Williams & The Boat, on BT Sport of all places. We were there all day in the Olympic Park in these HUGE new studios. The show was called, 'Life's A Pitch' and was a football chat show with two songs played live by us.

We did a rehearsal in the afternoon with amazing massive cameras whizzing around on huge arms in front of us, there was a huge green room with NINE televisions in and trays of neatly cut sandwiches (!) (This is all I remember btw...!) Once it came to show time, there was a studio audience that filed in, most of them men in football shirts looking forward to meeting Graham Taylor the ex england manager who was also on the show...

The show was filmed live and we played Hurricane first (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRb_DtS08No) as the credits rolled we played All Day... Just before we played, the anchor rounded up the show and announced that next week Pixie Lott was going to be on the show... We had a couple of Mums and Girlfriends in the audience and *apparently* (so hope this is true) one football shirted gent sighed loudly on hearing the Pixie Lott news and exclaimed in a loud whisper to his mate, 'Argh, so THEY get Pixie Lott, and WE get Tommy & The Dickheads!' AAAND here they are, with their new single, 'All Day' TOMMY & THE DICKHEADS!XX


Tom Williams and the Boat

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