January 2017

30 January 2017 (Mon 7am)

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Last week... xx

29 January 2017 (Sun 3pm)

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Captain Grimble

28 January 2017 (Sat 5pm)

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Lovely day, great sounds xxx

28 January 2017 (Sat 2pm)

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I caught a wild Ali trying to eat a sandwich xx

28 January 2017 (Sat 10am)

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Mr Mike Wilton... exciting day today...

27 January 2017 (Fri 8pm)

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Taking the beautiful banner out for a day in the studio tomorrow, lots of photos to follow!xx

27 January 2017 (Fri 12pm)

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Current song obsessions? Please share! Let's add to this playlist xx https://open.spotify.com/user/williamstaw/playlist/1qmx4E7x7K6bXMBK957vVN

26 January 2017 (Thu 9am)

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Another beautiful ink drawing by Benjamin Phillips live from the rehearsal room this weekend xx

25 January 2017 (Wed 10am)

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First show of 2017 announcement! 22nd April 2017 - We can't wait to come to beautiful Reading to play the amazing Are You Listening? Festival feat amazing folks like Spring King Huw S DJ John Kennedy, Radio X, Matt Maltese Clock Opera Flamingods and many many more. Go grab tickets here: http://areyoulistening.org.uk/tickets

25 January 2017 (Wed 7am)

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First announcement of the year coming 10am today...xx

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